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What We Offer

As a Charitable Organisation , C-Salt aspires to manage a broad spectrum of local authority and education owned leisure, sports and arts venues and bring to our venues a strong community focus. Reinvesting profits into our facilities and services as part of our dedication to improving and benefiting the communities in which we operate.

As a charitable company limited by guarantee, C-Salt can take advantage of VAT exemption, business rate relief, sponsorship and funding opportunities; all of which we believe making it the most robust delivery model for developing and marketing sport and leisure opportunities across the country. Allowing us to funnels savings back into the community and the services we offer.

Local Authority partners

With efficiency savings at a premium in public service delivery, partnering with our Trust model allows local authorities to develop long term improvements to facilities and services, whilst reducing outgoing costs. All whilst retaining full involvement in their community schemes and initiatives.

The charitable structure of C-Salt enables partners to take advantage of business rate relief of up to 80% as well as VAT relief, which can have significant impact on local authority budgets.

Community Engagement & Focus

To ensure local representation within the management structure, C-Salts establishes a “Community Engagement Forums”  comprising of representatives recruited from the community. These contributing members can advise on C-Salt’s operational policy and strategy to ensure local aims, objectives, issues and challenges are addressed.

Buying Power

Through managing a broad spectrum of services and facilities from small leisure sites and swimming pools to large sports venues, we are able to establish strong relationships with suppliers that offer our individual venues cost saving benefit from economies of scale. This covers everything from bought-in-services and utilities to marketing and PR campaigns.

Management Partner

Operating sites in partnership with 1Life Management Solutions, an established leisure facility management agency, C-Salt is able to offer its venues access to a broad range of established and successful services, staff training and retail products. 1Life Management Solutions are responsible for sourcing and delivering the day to day management of our venues, as well as creating a marketing and communications strategy, and offering special business services under the term of our agency agreement.